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Health and Safety Procedures

Medical Records
State regulations require us to maintain a medical record on each child and for each child to have a physical examination prior to enrollment. Children must have on file a health report from a pediatrician showing result of a physical exam completed within the previous 12 months. This form must be updated every year.

Immunization Requirements
All children who attend programs in Michigan are required by state law to be fully vaccinated unless a valid exemption is in the child's file. Failure to meet these requirements, as set by the Michigan Department of Public Health, require that the program operator exclude your child from attendance. Sunshine Special's medical records are reviewed several times each year by members of the Michigan Department of Public Health as part of our requirement for relicensure. If your child is found to be behind in his or her immunizations, you will be notified by the center and requested to have your child's physician or physician representative complete an updated health record form indicating that the required immunizations have been obtained.

Allergies your child may have should be listed by you or your child's physician on the Health Appraisal form. We may restrict the use of some food and other products that contain certain substances to protect an enrolled child with severe allergies. You will be informed of any restrictions at the beginning of the school year or as soon as the allergy is known.

Inclement weather Procedure
During storms and other inclement weather, all staff will work to ensure the safety of all the children. Therefore, we ask that parents not call during these times. We will listen to weather broadcasts or contact the sheriff's department for storm information when weather appears threatening. During electrical storms our telephone answering machine will remain on. We will return emergency calls when the storm passes.

Drop-off and Pick-Up
When your child is dropped off at Sunshine Special, please be sure he/she is signed in at the front desk. When your child is picked up at the end of the day, please sign out in the roll book. This procedure helps us keep an accurate count of the children throughout the day and, in the event of an emergency, ensures that all the children are accounted for. Before leaving say good-bye to your child and to your child's teacher so that they know the parent is leaving and that the child is in the teacher's care. Upon returning, say hello to both your child and the staff person. While a parent is on site at Sunshine, he or she is responsible for the safety of the child while inside or outside. When leaving, children should remain inside with the parent or guardian and they should exit the school together. In the event that someone other than those specified on the enrollment form must pick up your child, we ask parents to identify the individual in the sign-in log. Staff will require identification before releasing the child to his/her care.
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