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Parent/Teacher Communication

Open and frequent communication between parents and teachers is vital to your child's success. Your child's teacher will communicate with you almost daily in writing and parents are always welcome to participate in our class program or drop in for an impromptu conversation with the class teacher. Parent conferences are scheduled at least once each semester and offer an excellent opportunity to learn about your child's progress and the projects he or she is engaged in.

Sunshine Special strives to keep parents informed of center activities in a variety of ways. In addition to written communication from teachers, parents can look to the following for more information:

  • Lesson plans prepared and posted by the lead teachers regarding specific activities.

  • A class newsletter stating group project plans and monthly class goals as well as books, songs and activities.

  • Parent-teacher conferences are scheduled twice a year for updates on your child's development and concerns, or just to share experiences. Conferences can be scheduled throughout the year as needed.

  • Parent information meetings are scheduled each fall.

  • Project displays can be found around the school throughout the year.

Parents can choose the level at which they get involved at Sunshine Special. We appreciate it when parents can share special resources with us, read a story to the group or share a special talent. In addition, parents can help out by driving and supervising on field trips, taking pictures of children during events, participating in fund-raisers, attending beginning and end-of-year picnics and providing feedback on how we're doing.

Ann Arbor Preschool and Child Care Ann Arbor Preschool and Child Care Ann Arbor Preschool and Child Care
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